Yucheng Study Group
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“Yucheng Study Group” offers Ph.D candidates at Institute of International Studies, Fudan University(referred to as “Fudan IIS”) , a forum to exhcange academic research from various perspectives. It was initiated and organized by doctoral students at Fudan IIS on 26th September 2018, to bring in PhD supervisor, young researchers and doctoral students for discussion on some topics of common interest. The Study Group organizes workshops and lectures, promotes research projects, shares research experience etc.

YU CHENG in Chinese means success, and places the doctoral students of the institute with good expectations for future academic development. YU CHENG is from the poet Shi Sizhi's “See off Li Rongqi to Beidu” in the Song Dynasty .

The “Yucheng Study Group” is also supported by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University and the Graduate School of Fudan University.

The contacts of Yucheng Study Group in the 2018-2019 academic year are: Tang Jiahua (2017 doctoral student) and Wei Han (2018 doctoral student). 

If you have any suggestions for the Yucheng Study Group, please contact: Tang Jiahua (e-mail: 17110170014@fudan.edu.cn), Wei Han (e-mail: 18110170025@fudan.edu.cn)

I.  Academic Advancement for Doctoral Student: Academic Publishing And Research Design(26 September 2018)

II.  How to Apply for Overseas Training Program? (17 October 2018)

III. How to publish in SSCI Journal? (31 October 2018)

IV.Learning Your Dissertation Writing from Rand’s Report

       V. Approaching Procedures of Course Work Writing (26 March 2019)

       VI. Topic Selections and Compositions of Academic Papers (29 April 2019)

       VII. Original Concerns, New Perspectives: Innovation in Scholarly Theses (28 May 2019)

       VIII.The Integration of Theory and fact: Constructing the Interpretation Logic of Essays(18 June 2019)

       IX.Delving into the U.S. Strategic Security Behavioral Patterns (25 October2019)

       X. Authoring Doctoral Dissertation Proposals(19 November 2019)

       XI.Approaching Procedures of Course Work Writing (24 December 2019)