Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies (2022-2024)

FANG Xiuyu


FANG Xiuyu (Retired)

Professor, Ph.D., Kyungnam University

Research Interests: Foreign Policy of contemporary ROK; relations between China and ROK/DPRK; issues of  Korean Peninsula and international relations in Northeast Asia; politics and economics in Asia-Pacific, etc.

Xiuyu Fang, female, born in1962, member of CPC, Ph.D. in Politics, Professor and tutor of masters in Institute of International Studies, Center for Korean Studies, Fudan University, also as standing editor of Collections of Korean Studies;evaluation expert of the Ministry of education of the People’s Republic of China scientific research foundation for the returned overseas; evaluation expert of International Review; part-time researcher in Japanese Studies Center, Fudan University; commissioner of consultative committee on Sinology, University of Incheon, Korea; Used to be associate president of Institute of Korean East Asian International Politics; full-time researcher in National regional Institute, Sogang University; visiting professor of Chung-ang University; visiting researcher of Institute of Kyungnam University Institute for Far Eastern Studies; part-time professor in Korean Seoul Digital University; fellow of Korean Foundation and so on.

Main research areas are theory of international politics; political diplomacy of contemporary ROK; relations between China and ROK; issues of Korean Peninsula and international relations in Northeast Asia; nuclear security in Northeast Asia; Sovereignty and ocean issues and so on.

Used to assume, preside or participate projects of The National Social Science Fund, State Oceanic Administration People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai philosophy and social science planning and research programs of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, National Research Foundation of Korea, Korean Foundation, The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, Central Academy of Korean Studies, Ministry of Unification ofKorea, Korea Institute for National Unification and so on.

Professional Membership

Member of China Society for The Law of  The Sea

Member of Shanghai Association of International Studies

director of female Sodality, Fudan University


History of Contemporary Chinese politics” won the first prize in 2004 Contents Evaluation, Education Department, Gyeonggi-do, ROK.

KoreanNationality Youth Association of South Korea awarded the “Youth Award” in Dec.2008.


Chinese Bureaucracy Corruption and Its Comparison to ROK

Peace of Korea Peninsula and Relations between China and the United States

Security Issues in Korea Peninsula and Research of China’s Countermeasures

Major Strategic Initiatives of Neighboring Countries Management Oceansand Our Countermeasures Since the New Century

America’s Return to Asia Pacific and International Relations in Northeast Asia

Books (Authored or edited):

South Korea’s Foreign Policy and China since World WarⅡ:A Theoretical and Policy Analysis

Korean Peninsula and International Relations

Essay Collections of the Tenth Sino-ROK Symposium

Chinese Foreign Polices and Sino-ROK Relations

Mitigation and Cooperation: Northeastern International Relations for Thirty Years

Relations between North Korea and Its Neighbors


A Chinese Perspective on the Chinese-Japanese Conflict and Possible Solutions

The China-U.S. Relations and The Security of the Korea Peninsula

Rethinking the Adjustment of Truman Administration’s Korea Peninsula Policy

TheStrategic Orientation of South Korea’s Diplomacy and Its Security Relationshipwith Japan

The Turning of the US-DPRK Relationship and Korean Nuclear Issues

APerspective to Understanding the DPRK Nuclear Issue, Regional Dynamics in East Asia: Issues and Perspectives

South Korea’s Policies of Ocean Security: History and Reality

Security of Korea Peninsula and Possibility of Common Interest Building Between Chinaand the United States

Necessity and Possibility of the Emergence of Economic Community in Northeast Asia

Discussions about Contemporary Relationship between Japan and South Korea

Analysis of Current Situations of the Relationship between South and North Korea--in the Perspective of Neo-liberalism

The Forthcoming of a New Order in Northeast Asia and the Improvement of Korean-SinoRelationships, Globalization and The East Asian Community

Reflection of Kim Dae-Jung Administration’s North Korea Polies

The Normalization of Sino-ROK Relationship and Its Solutions

Discussions on the ROK’s First Republic’s Foreign Polices and Relationship between theUnited States and South Korea

The Sweet Troubles after Sights

The Interaction between Sino-USA on Issues of Korea Peninsula

New President of South Korea: Whether Diplomacy Turns?

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: How to Control it-Case Study: North Korea

Discussions on South Korea’s Foreign Policies in the 1960s and the Normalization ofRelationship between South Korea and Japan

Peaceand Prosperity Policy and Progress on North-South Korea’s Relationship in Korea Peninsula

Research of South Korea’s Chinese Community

The Interaction between the United States and China on Korea Nuclear Issue

No Mu-hyeon Administration’s Policy Evaluation toward the United States and North Korea

ROK and the United States Alliance: History and the Current Situation

Analysis of No Mu-hyeon as South Korea’s President

New Century, New President, New Challenges

Corruptions in South Korea’s Society and Its Countermeasures

Prospect of the 21st Sino-ROK collaborative Relationship


Difficulty of Obama to be Conciliator between Japan and South Korea

Consideration of China’s involvement in Korean War

Does“ Special Envoy Diplomacy” Deescalate Korea Peninsula’s Situations?

The Convey of North Korea’s Willingness helps to Reopen the Dialogue

North Korea’s Close of the Kaesong Industrial Park Escalates the Tensions

North Korea’s Crisis Tests Sino-USA Relationship

Park Geun-hye’s Election as South Korea’s President and Tendency of Sino-ROK Relationship

Situations in Korea Peninsula after Kim Jong-un’s Come to Stage

The Future of East Asia Lies on Cooperation among East Asia’s Countries

The Difficulty Faced by South Korea’s Entrepreneurs Investment in China

The Situations on the Korea Peninsula Can Break Out at Any Moment

To Crack Korean Nuclear Problem Can Not Rely on Promise of Gain

South Korea Spent billions to Supervise China’s Fishing Boats

South Korea Added the Field Forces to Strike Chinese Fishing Boats’ “Illegal Fishing”

South Korea’s Sea Force Detained Three Chinese Fishing Boats by Violence

All Countries Concerned about Korean Nuclear Issue Acted Frequently And the Consensus between DPRK-USA was the key

The United States Does Not Really Want to Promote Korea Peninsula Peace Talks

Japanese Earthquakes Will Influence the East Asia

Why North Korea not Counters against South Korea?

South Korea’s Military Exercise Will Not Trigger North Korea’s Retaliation

Northeast Asia 'Edge Ball' Flying All Around

Military Exercise Shadow Covers Northeast Asia

The United States and South Korea’s Military Exercise in the Yellow Sea Pointed atChina

East Asian Cooperation Went to Crossroads

ROK-DPRK Relationship Is Cold But Controllable

Lee Myung-bak Wants to Strengthen Relations between China and South Korea

Samsung King Lee Kun-hee Resigned to Behind the Scenes

The Resignation of Lee Kun-hee Opened the Reforms of Samsung

Lee Myung-bak’s Pragmatism toward North Korea

The Truth of South Korean Enterprises’ Escape

South Korean Super-Ministry System Opened Modern Era

Samsung Headquarters Was Checked and Lee Myung-bak 's Policy of  Loosening Large Enterprises Meet Frustration

Diplomatic Philosophy of Lee Myung-bak

Lee Myung-bak Still Struggles

A longway to go

Adhering to the Nuclear Weapon Country As New Identity North Korea Insisted Nuclear Weapons Development