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PAN Rui (Retired)

Professor, Ph. D. Advisor, Fudan University 

Research Interests: Sino-US Relations, Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations; American Foreign Policy in Post Cold War Period; Decision-making Process of  US Foreign Policy. 


PAN Rui, Professor at Center for American Studies, Fudan University, and Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai Association of American Studies. He holds BA, MA and Ph.D degrees from Fudan University. Before joining the faculty of Fudan University in 2003, he was Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of American Studies Department at Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS). He was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, at University of  Maryland in the United States, at the American Studies Research Center in India and at Seoul National University in Korea. He is a guest professor at theWashington University in St.Louis. His main scholarly interests lie in American Foreign Policy, Economic Diplomacy, International Political Economy and Sino-US Relations. He had served in government in charge of Policy Planning Division of Shanghai Municipality’s Foreign Affairs Office. His most recent book is The United States Foreign Policy in Post Cold War Period.

BooksMonograph and Translation

A Study of American International Economic Policy

The United States Foreign Policy in Post Cold War Period


China in the WTO: A Chinese Perspective

40th Anniversary of Shanghai Communique and Current China-U.S. Relations

Evolution and Development of Sino-U.S. BIT Negotiation Strategy

Origin of the US Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Its Influence on International Financial Order

A Study on Interest Groups in the Decision Making Process of the U.S. Foreign Aid Policies

Three Factors Influencing U.S. Foreign Aid Policies

Increasing Trust and Explaining Doubts under High Pressure: A Review of the Second China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue

Strategic Economic Dialogue and Sino-U.S. Relations

China-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue and U.S.-China Relations

An Analysis of America's New Isolationist after the Cold War

A Study of the Evolution of America's Nuclear Strategy in the Cold War

China-U.S. Trade Relations: Developments and Challenges

China-U.S. Trade Relations: Developments and Challenges

A Study of the Evolution of America's Nuclear Strategy in the Cold War

The Prospect of  Bush Administration's China Policy

The Establishment of a Normal China-U.S. Business Ties

The Government Department in U.S. International Economic Policy Decision-Making Process

American Achieved its Out Containment Strategy

Quantitative Analysis Approach in the Western IRT Studies