The Center for Pakistan Studies at Fudan University was founded in 2009, co-established and co-led by the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing and Fudan University. The Centre is one of the major research institutions for Pakistan studies in China, one of the initiators of China–Pakistan Joint Think Tank, and one of the organizers for the Pak–China Business Forum in Shanghai area.

The Centre’s research areas cover the political, economic, diplomatic, security situations in post–Cold War South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular; the relationship between China and South Asian countries, with focus on Sino–Pakistan relations and the China–Pakistan economic corridor; and the US policy towards South Asia.

There are 4 full-time researchers in this Centre, including 3 professors and 1 associate professor, with Professor Du Youkang as the director. The center has engaged 5 former Chinese Ambassadors to Pakistan and Pakistani Ambassadors to China as senior advisers, and nearly 10 Chinese experts on Pakistan and South Asian affairs as invited researchers.

Since its establishment, the Centre has been committed to building a think-tank for in-depth study of Pakistan and China-Pakistan relations, a platform for various exchanges and cooperation between China and Pakistan, a base for cultivation of relevant professionals, and a window for fully understanding Pakistan and China- Pakistan friendship.

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