Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

Featured Lecture Series on“Meticulous Scholarship in Coherence with the Trajectory of Life”(November 25th, 2019)



Proactive Inheritance of Scrupulous Academic Undertakings tImpart the Meticulous Reflections with Vitality

The 2nd Featured Series Lecture  on “Meticulous  Scholarship in Coherence with the Trajectory of Life”

 (14:30-16:30, Monday November 25th, 2019)

Topic:       BittersweetnessApproaching Philosophies of  Academic Research

Speaker:      Professor ZHANG Yunling

                     Member of the Presidium of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Academic Divisions

                     Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Shandong University

                     President of the Institute of International Studies at Shandong University

                     National Expert with Outstanding Contributions

Time:           14:30-16:30, Monday November 25th, 2019

Venue:         Auditorium 108, Center for American Studies, Fudan University 

Organizer:   Institute of International Studies, Fudan University