The  Institute of International Studies at Fudan University (IIS Fudan) was  founded in November 2000 on the framework of several research centers,  including the Center for American Studies, the Center for Japanese  Studies, the Center for Korean Studies, and the Research Office for  Latin American Studies of Fudan University, etc.

IIS  Fudan attracts 40 Ph.D. graduates to shoulder the full-time research  and teaching at the institute, including 24 Professors, 13 Associate  Professors and 3 Assistant Professors.

A  4-person group leads IIS Fudan. They are Professor WU Xinbo (Dean),  Senior Researcher LIU Jiping (Party Secretary), Professor FENG Yujun  (Vice Dean) and Professor QI Huaigao (Vice Dean).

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IIS Fudan has 14 affiliated research centers and 1 affiliated research office.

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