In pursuance of The Approval for the Establishment of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies(CMES), Fudan University, CMES was officially established in October 2020, aiming to conduct scholarly and comprehensive researches on West Asia, North and Eastern Africa. Currently, there are 28 researchers in the Center, including two full-time research fellows, 13 on-campus faculties of Fudan University, and 13 off-campus research associates. As the main founder, Professor Sun Degang is fully in charge of the management and operation of the Center.

In conformity with the overall and interdisciplinary research programs related to politics, international relations, philosophy, religion, history, sociology, economics, language and literature of the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University, the Center, building on existing centers and institutes of Fudan, strives to cultivate specialized talents for Middle Eastern studies with global visions, good command of the target countries’ languages, and rich fieldwork experience. The Center fully supports the other research programs, centers and institutes at Fudan University.

The mandate of the Center is to combine humanities and social sciences for a better understanding of the Middle East to enhance area studies of the region, making a contribution to the Middle Eastern peace, development and conflict resolution. It gives prominence to Chinese and Asian perspectives on the one hand and attaches great importance to international cooperation.

Taking advantage of the multiple disciplines of Fudan University, the Center focuses on international relations of the Middle East, Middle Eastern strategies of major powers, China’s Middle East diplomacy, politics, economy, ethnicities, religions, history, sociology, Islamic philosophy and energy studies in the Middle East and China’s Belt and Road Initiative for academic excellence.

The Center carries on the Fudan style in its studies, in the hope of building itself into one of China’s world-class institutes and a prominent think tank of Middle Eastern studies. The Center is ready to cooperate closely with both domestic and international institutes of Middle Eastern studies, participate in Chinese, Asian and global network of academic communities, and forge an interdisciplinary knowledge system of Middle Eastern studies.

Full-time Research Fellows: Sun Degang, Zou Zhiqiang

Fudan Faculties: Zhang Chuchu, Liao Jing, Zhang Yifeng, Wang Xinsheng, Zhang Jiadong, Xu Yihua, Qiu Yihao, Li Siqi, Yan Lixin, Fan Lizhu, Andrea Ghiselli, and Yu Haijie.