Seminars on American Strategic Orientations and China-U.S. Relations

Symposiums of China’s Neighboring Diplomacy

Symposiums of China’s Neighboring Diplomacy of Fudan University (hereafter referred to as “Symposiums”) are a series of academic activities hosted by the Center for China’s Relations with Neighboring Countries of Fudan University (CCRNC Fudan) on a yearly basis. The Symposiums Committee invites scholars and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and renowned colleges and think tanks home and abroad. The Symposiums focus on both present and potential China’s relations with neighboring countries.

Fudan Middle East Frontier Forum

“Fudan Middle East Frontier Forum” is an important academic brand of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Fudan University (CMES Fudan). In this forum, outstanding experts at home and broad and ambassadors to the Middle Eastern countries are invited to share their research and exotic experiences in the Middle East.

Youth Academic Workshop on International Studies of Fudan University (YAWIS Fudan)

Youth  Academic Workshop on International Studies of Fudan University (YAWIS  Fudan ) is a workshop series hosted by the Institute of International  Studies at Fudan University. YAWIS  Fudan is a platform for young academics in international studies, which  aims to promote academic exchanges, inspire new interpretations of  global issues, boost the spread of young scholars' papers and build a  cooperation network for academic research and policy recommendations.

The National Youth Forum on American Studies

China Youth Community of Eurasian Studies

The China Youth Community of Eurasian Studies is a platform for Chinese young scholars who engage in the study of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, which is founded by the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies of Fudan University. The Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies of Fudan University has been organizing academic conference annually since 2017, inviting Chinese young scholars to discuss hot topics, academic frontiers and research methods of Eurasian studies. And the community has become one of the most popular platforms for the Chinese young scholars who engaged in Eurasian studies.

Yucheng Study Group (Ph.D. Candidates Workshop on International Studies)

Yucheng Study Group is a self-promotion program of the Institute of  International Studies at Fudan University (IIS Fudan), where Ph.D.  candidates can exchange learning experiences in academic research. To  provide better education for Ph.D. candidates, the first Yucheng Study  Group was hosted on 26th September 2018, hence the routine of holding  study groups regularly. The study group provides Ph.D. supervisors,  young researchers and doctoral students with various opportunities to  exchange perspectives, including workshops, lectures, research projects,  round table seminars, etc.