Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

The Russia-China Dialogue is an annually released report of a cooperative project, “Russia and China: Partnership in the Context of Security and Challenges and Development in the Aisa Pacific,” of the IIS Fudan and the Russian International Affairs Council and Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The reports aim to present the views of leading Chinese and Russian international affairs experts on the development of Russia-China cooperation from 2015 to today.

Russian-Chinese Dialogue: The 2015 ModelSeptember 2015

Russian-Chinese Dialogue: The 2016 ModelSeptember 2016

Russian-Chinese Dialogue: The 2017 ModelSeptember 2017

Russian-Chinese Dialogue: The 2018 ModelSeptember 2018

Russian-Chinese Dialogue: The 2019 ModelSeptember 2019

Russia-China Dialogue: The 2020 ModelSeptember 2020

Russia-China Dialogue: The 2021 ModelSeptember 2021