The China-India Relations Dialogue was jointly initiated by IIS Fudan and the India Foundation, a think tank affiliated to the ruling BJP in India. The Center for South Asian Studies of IIS Fudan assists the operation of this dialogue mechenism.

 The Center for South Asian Studies of IIS Fudan and India Foundation has organized 6 successful China-India Relations Dialogues, since the First China-India Relations Dialogue was held in 2014, including one online dialogue in 2021. This dialogue mechenism provides a platform where senior officials, scholars and researchers from China and India can exchange their concerns. Nalanda University (India) and Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (China) are important participants of the dialogue.

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1st China-India Relations Dialogue: 11 December 2014.

2nd China-India Relations Dialogue: “China-India Relations: Opportunities, Challenges, and Prospects,” 9 October 2015.

3rd China-India Relations Dialogue: “Future of India-China Relationship,” 4-5 December 2016.

4th China-India Relations Dialogue: “China-India Relations in Transition,” 12 July 2017.

5th China-India Relations Dialogue, 2 August 2018.

6th China-India Relations Dialogue: “India-China Relations amidst COVID Pandemic and Border Standoff,” 25-26 August 2021.