Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

The Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance at Fudan University, headed by Professor WU Xinbo, Dean of the Institute of International Studies, initially founded among the first batch of 10 Centers for Think Tanks approved in the forefront of Shanghai universities and called upon at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, has been granted as one of the University Think Tanks and Innovative Research Bases for Social Sciences in Shanghai.

Major research interests of the faculty encompass international relations and regional cooperation. The researchers zoom in on the interactions among the focus countries and organizations in the Asia-Pacific region(The United States, Japan, Russia, ROK, ASEAN, etc.) , analyze the law of evolution and the development trend to propose further countermeasures, probe into the path and model of Asia-Pacific regional cooperation, explore the construction of the Asia-Pacific governance mechanisms, conclude the feasible and effective collaborative models and advocate the norms of international relations with Asia-Pacific characteristics based on the history, culture, social and political reality in the Asia-Pacific region.

By virtue of the premier discipline background of international relations, geographical advantages and the integration of relevant resources, the Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance is prepared to take an active role in Asia-Pacific international relations, serving as the investigator, policy adviser, intellectual product provider and the mentor of public opinions on Cooperation and Governance Studies with extensive and profound impact. In the meanwhile, the Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance at Fudan University assumes the fulfillment of Public Diplomatic and Track II Diplomatic functions, thus blossoming into the leading think-tanks in institutes of higher learning via utilizing superb resources in Shanghai and spotlighting on the Asia-Pacific region with global reach.

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