CAS Scores Paramount Laureate Honors in 2021 Chinese Think Tank Exemplary Cases Launched by CASSES
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 Center for American Studies (CAS), Fudan University scores paramount laureate honors in the scope of Proactively Engaging in Serving China’s Overall Diplomatic Agenda to Promote Sino-U.S. Relationship, Exerting Vital Roles in Enlightenment and Public Opinion Guidance Featuring Interpretation of Major Policies and Diplomatic Affairs. The appraisal has proceeded throughout a rigorous, inclusive and objective process and the well-received annual report unveils its debut at official launches by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Evaluation Studies (CASSES), underscoring metrics of think tanks’ performance and impact nationwide.

The nomination and selection of 2021 Chinese Think Tank Exemplary Cases launched by CASSES, extols think-tank fundamental roles, specifying policy recommendations and decision-making advice, theoretical research innovation, public opinion guidance, social services, public diplomacy and internal governance innovation. Panel experts adopt comprehensive and disciplined approaches with efficacy and validity to analyze and evaluate the capabilities of think tanks, incorporating the measures of quantified, qualitative assessment system, the indexes of AMI Evaluation System which embrace Attractive Power, Management Power and Impact Power in multi-faceted dimensions.

Driven by originality, expertise and assiduous ethos in full swing, the CAS researchers consolidate academic findings and policy-making advisory service to jointly prompt the construction of top university-affiliated think tanks with ever-growing impact, excelling in various appraisals and rankings of its kind, taking the leading position in ratings and evaluation conducted in Chinese Think Tank Index started up by Nanjing University in collaboration with Guangming Daily, and in The Chinese Think Tanks Report issued by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences as well.

The Center for American Studies at Fudan University had been nominated and entitled one of the premier think tanks in institutes of higher learning casting spotlight on international studies in the 2017 AMI Research and Comprehensive Evaluation Report on Chinese Think Tanks issued by the National Summit on Evaluation of Humanities and Social Sciences. In the 2018 Chinese Think Tank Index (CTTI) Report jointly initiated by China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Centers of Nanjing University and Guangming Daily officially released, the Center for American Studies at Fudan University had been shortlisted and achieved impressive performance with Paramount A+ in the First Tier of Top 100 Think Tanks among Chinese Institutes of Higher Learning. Via comprehensively integrating the indexes of academic outputs, quality events and publicity impact with tallied ballots out of multiple sector professionals, the Center for American Studies at Fudan University stands out as one of the 25 A+ entities, excelling from the originally rated 441 Think Tanks Affiliated to Chinese Universities with remarkable superiority and brilliance. By virtue of the strikingly-conspicuous PAI Index issued by CTTI, the Center for American Studies at Fudan proceeds onwards into one of the Top 15 Think Tanks within the realms of regional and international relations nationwide.

 (Source: Institute of International Studie, Fudan University. Preceding News in English by Mao Xiaojun)