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Wu Xinbo,"Reconstructing China-U.S. Ties: Trump Administration’s Ambitions and Constraints"


Wu Xinbo,"Reconstructing China-U.S. Ties: Trump Administration’s Ambitions and Constraints,"

China International Studies, No.2, 2020

【Abstract】The Trump administration seeks to fundamentally reconstruct China-U.S. relations, and reset the premise and objectives, framework and connotation, means and ways, of its policy towards China. Measures taken by the Trump administration involve a wide range of areas and are highly subversive, seriously weakening the strategic mutual trust between China and the US, destroying the important foundation of the relationship between the two countries, reversing the development direction of bilateral relations, and aggravating tensions, frictions and turbulence. The risk of confrontation and conflict between the two countries increased significantly. At the same time, Trump Administration’s efforts to restructure the China-U.S. relations have been hampered by a number of factors, which undermined the ability to achieve its goals on China policy. With the evolvement of the political and economic situation, new adjustments will be made to U.S. policy towards China, and Sino-U.S. relations will still be very malleable. For China, the basic thinking of its current and future policy towards the U.S. is to build a pattern of benign competition and win-win relationship with the support of its steady growing power, on the basis of reasonable exchange of interests, and by means of foreign policies suitable for the trend of the times. 

【Keywords】The Trump administration, Reconstructing China-U.S. relations, U.S. policy towards China, U.S. foreign policy 

【Author】 Professor Wu Xinbo, Director of the Center for American Studies and Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University