Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

JIAN Junbo


JIAN Junbo

Associate Professor at the Center for China-EU Relations, Ph.D., Fudan University

Research InterestsChina-EU relations, China’s Foreign Affairs, IR theory, etc.


The Limitation of Power: On the Legitimacy of the US’s Hegemony, Shanghai Cishu Press, 2011

International Relations: The European Perspective, Shanghai People Press, 2011

The Enlarged EU: Prospects and Implications, NOMOS, Baden-Baden, Germany, Nov., 2008

Articles in Chinese

1. Journal articles

The EU’s Engagement in the UN’s Globalization     European Studies, Vol. 4, 2013

Socializing Nation-state: Impacts of Regional integration on national system     EuropeanStudies, Vol.1, 2010

China-centric Tributary System: Ideological Structure and Function     InternationalPolitics Quarterly, Vol.1, 2009

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The functions and legitimacy of international regime       World Economics and Politics, Vol.3, 2002

Backward countries and dependent development             Strategies and Management, Vol.3, 2002

2. book chapters

African Issues and Triangular China-US-Europe Relations      Diplomacy of Powers, Hua Wen Press, 2009

Norms and Sino-EU Relations      Contemporary China: Road, Experience and prospect, Shanghai People’s Press, 2008

Identity and East Asia’s Integration      Identity and International Relations, Current Affairs Press, 2006

Westphalia system and the popularization of democracy in the world      Beyond Westphalia System?, Current Affairs Press, 2004

National Structure, Post-National Structure and the Crisis of Human Rights    Fudan Human Rights Studies, Fudan University Press, 2004

South-North issues and international relations    Global issues and international relations, Tianjin People’s Press, 2002

Articles in English

1. Journal articles

Junbo Jian and Donata Frasheri, Neo-colonialism or De-colonialism---Chinaeconomic engagement in Africa and the implications for world order African     Journal of Political Science and International Relations, Vol.8(7), October 2014

Junbo Jian and Donata Frasheri, Normalization and Anti-Normalization: Value Clashes in Sino-EU Relations      Journal of China-US Public Administration, Vol.6,2013

Jian Junbo, China in the International Conflict-management: Darfur as a Case    Global Review, Vol.6,2012

Zhimin Chen, Junbo Jian and YudiChen, The provinces and China's multi-layered diplomacy: the cases of GMS and Africa       Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 5(4) 2010

Chen Zhimin and Jian Junbo, Chinese Provinces as Foreign Policy Actors in Africa   SAIIA Occasional Paper, January, 2009

2. Book chapters

China and the Indo-Pacific in Beijing’s Strategic Calculus      Layingthe BRICS of a New Global Order: From Yekaterinburg 2009 to eThekwini 2013, Africa Institute of South Africa, 2013

Pluralism: the Philosophic Base of China’s Diplomacy      EU-NESCA Giessen book III, NOMOS, Germany, 2009

Incomplete East-Asia Nation-stateSystem?      Asiaand Europe: Dynamics of Inter- and Intra-Regional Dialogues, NOMOS, Germany, 2009

Enlargements and the EU’s Legitimacy      The Enlarged EU: Prospects and Implications, NOMOS, Germany, 2008

3. Media articles

BRICS and China's InternationalStrategy           Diplomatist  August 2014

US pivots toward trouble in WestPacific            Asia Times Online Sep 26, 2012

US eyes spoiler role in Japan-China dispute       Asia Times Online Sep 5, 2012

China won't be frozen out of the Arctic              Asia Times Online  May 3,2012

Beijing's new overse as imperative                     Asia Times Online  Feb 17, 2012

Beijing finds vulnerable ally in Berlin                Asia Times Online  Feb 8,2012

Rivals under the same heaven                             Asia Times Online  Dec 1,2011

The dragon is no white knight                            Asia Times Online   Nov 3,2011

Blind hatred lurks in Western views                   Asia Times Online  Oct21, 2011

US F-16s hone in on cross-strait links                Asia Times Online  Sep28, 2011

The myth of the 'China model' in Africa             Asia Times Online  Sep 14, 2011

China's second coming in Libya                         Asia Times Online   Aug 31, 2011

China losing Asian popularity contest               Asia Times Online    Aug17, 2011

China averts collision in South China Sea        Asia Times Online     Jul 29, 2011

Self-interest in China's helping hand                 Asia Times Online    Jul 1,2011

China runs gauntlet in South China Seas           Asia Times Online    Jun 24, 2011

China treads new path in Libya                          Asia Times Online    Jun17, 2011

China's scruples cost it Libyanadvantage          Asia Times Online     Apr 6, 2011

Wen's European jaunt was justbusiness            Asia Times Online     Oct15, 2010

'The beautiful coat' wears a bitthin.                   Asia Times Online     Aug11, 2010

China finds a friend in Germany                       Asia Times Online     Jul 31, 2010

China takes new tack in maritime diplomacy   Asia Times Online     Jul 14, 2010

Iran vote shows China's Western drift              Asia Times Online     Jun25, 2010

Internet claims too testy for China                    Asia Times Online     May27, 2010

China leery of Sarkozy's outstretched hand      Asia Times Online     May 5, 2010

China's footloose climb to thetop                     Asia Times Online     Apr14, 2010

West provokes China's 'hardened' stance         Asia Times Online     Apr 1, 2010

Wen pursues the right to dignity                      Asia Times Online     Mar 16,  2010

US and China pick their fights                         Asia Times Online     Jan 26, 2010

Copenhagen changed the political climate       Asia Times Online     Jan 13, 2010

China sizes up EU’s new face                          Asia Times Online     Dec 3, 2009

Subtle changes in US’s Chinapolicy                Asia Times Online     Nov 20, 2009

Why an East Asian Community matters          Asia Times Online      Oct 22, 2009

Confucianism a vital string in China's bow      Asia Times Online     Oct 9, 2009

Cautious welcome for Japan's Asiadrive         Asia Times Online      Sep 24, 2009

China sees chance of Japanese remorse           Asia Times Online      Sep 1, 2009

China-EU ties caught in vicious cycle             Asia Times Online      Aug20, 2009

Taiwan's 'opportunist' president alters tack     Asia Times Online       Aug 11, 2009

Stars align for a Hu-Ma meet                          Asia Times Online       Jul 25, 2009

Ghost of Marx haunts China's riots                 Asia Times Online        Jul 8, 2009

China doesn't want Iran unstable                     Asia Times Online       Jul 1, 2009

Doubts over US-China-Japan talks                 Asia Times Online        Jun 16, 2009

China says 'no thanks' to G-2                          Asia Times Online        May 29, 2009

A healthy turn for Taiwan-Chinaties               Asia Times Online        May18, 2009

China-India equation stillun cracked               Asia Times Online        May 6, 2009

China wary of US-Myanmar 'detente'             Asia Times Online        Apr17, 200

US sees devil in cross-straitd étente                Asia Times Online        Apr 2, 2009

Sino-EU ties hijacked by Tibet issue              Asia Times Online         Mar27, 2009

China-US spat a drop in the ocean                Asia Times Online           Mar 14, 2009

China in Africa: from Capitalism to Colonialism?          Asia Times Online   Jan 4,2007

Time for Japan to Rejoin Asia                       Asia Times Online          Jan 11, 2007

Why History Matters?                                   Asia Times Online          Dec 29, 2006

China’s Role In Africa                                  Beijing Review                Feb8, 2007