Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

SONG Guoyou


SONG Guoyou

Professor, Ph.D., Fudan University (2006)

Deputy Director, Center for American Studies, Fudan University

Research Interests: Chinese economic diplomacy, Sino-U.S. relations, and international political  economy


Born in Anhui Province in 1977, Dr. Song Guoyou got his Ph.D and Master degree  in international relations in 2006 and 2003 from Fudan University. His research  field covers Chinese economic diplomacy, Sino-U.S. relations, and international  political economy. He is a professor and deputy director of the Center for  American Studies, executive director of Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance  Research Center, a Shanghai University think tank, and director of Economic  Diplomacy Studies Center of Fudan University. He is one of the members of  advisory committee for China’s Ministry of Commerce. He also holds the posts of  Senior Research Fellow of International Economics and Finance Institute of  Ministry of Finance, member of the standing committee of China National  Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation Council(PECC), and vice president of  National Economic Diplomacy Research Association concurrently.

He has  published more than fifty academic papers in various magazines including SSCI,  CSSCI, and other core journals, which were reprinted more than 20 times by  XinHua Digest, Chinese Social Science Digest, China University Academic  Abstracts, Periodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of  China,Internal Reference of People's Daily. He also wrote more than one  hundred articles for People's Daily, Jiefang Daily, Global Times,  International Herald Leader,, etc. He received review with  Xinhua News Agency, New York Times, Bloomberg News, EFE, Oriental TV, Phoenix  TV, Shenzhen TV for hundreds of times.

He has undertaken tens of  national and provincial research projects of Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Ministry of Commerce, Office of the Central Leading Group for the Cyberspace  Administration, and Ministry of Education. Some of his reports were subject to  instructions and approval from the member of the Standing Committee and the  Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC, and the leader of the State  Council. He was appointed as the member of the experts team of Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce to visit other countries to research  and exchange.

He was Fox Fellow in Yale University during 2005-2006 and  visiting fellow in Georgetown Unviersity during 2009-2010. He visited more than  ten countries in Asia, North America, Latin American, Oceania, and Europe.  

He is awarded "Shuguang Scholar" of Shanghai in 2016, and  was funded by "Pujiang Talent Plan" in 2012 and awarded the first-year "Chenguang Scholar"  in 2007.

BooksMonograph and Translation

    The Belt and Road Initiative & International Relations               

       Money, Power and China-U.S. Financial Relations

Balancing Social Interest and State Security: Government's Strategic Choice on Trade Policy

A Short History of Political Philosophy


    China, the United States and Global  Economic Governance 

The tactic of isolationism will get on nowhere

Shifting Interests,Role Change and Balance of Relations: SinoU.S. Relations

The Trump Administrations Trade Policy and Sino-American Economic Relations

The New Development of American Isolationism on Globalization

Sino-American Relations and the Uncertainty of World Order in 2030

Competition for Rules: China, the United States and East Asian FTA Negotiations

Integration, Competition, and the Re-anchor of China-U.S.  Economic Relations

TPP: Geo-political Effects, Sino-US Gaming, and China's Option

Immigration's Inflence on American Economy

The New Normal of China-US Economic Relationship Development

Global Economic Governance in Post Financial Crisis:Dilemma and Transcendence

A New Model of Major Country Economic Relations between China and the United States and Its Effects on the G20

The Economic Logic of US Hegemny's Decline

From purchasing treasury-bonds to FDI: Chinas New Financial Strategy towards the U.S.

From National Debt to Investment: China's New Direction of Economy Strategy on U.S.

New Changes and Trend of China-U.S. Trade Relations

2013 American Economy: Strengthen the Foundation of Growth

Germany's New Deal and the EUP rospects

China's Neighboring Economic Diplomacy: Mechanism Coordination and Strategic Choices

Capture the 'Heart' and ‘Soul’: NGOs and American Public Diplomacy

The Financial Crisis, Emerging Countries and International Economic Governance

Japan and the Asia-Pacific Order

FTA Competition and China's Strategic Choices

International Economic Risks and Chinese Public Safety

Deeping Economic Ties with Neighboring Countries: China's Policy Options

Re-Industrialization and American Economic Growth

Global FTAs' Competition and China's Strategy

Global Quantitative Easing, Emerging Economies and International Financial Government

America’s Governmental Debt and Its Impact on China

China's Free Trade Agreement Strategies

The Utility Power among Economic Geography, Political Map and Asymmetry Interdependence

The Influence of  EURO-U.S. Debt Crisis on the International Economic Structure

The Adjustment of Obama Administration's Economic Strategy and Its Impact on China

Research Methods, Political Consciousness and Chinese Orientation in International Trade Politics

A Comment on the Behavior of Economic Crisis Shift by American Government

International Political and Economy Research Based on China——Problem Field, Breakthrough in Theory and Subject Closing

Chinese New Financial Strategy Aboard: Transforming from U.S. Dollar Center to Currency Balance?

US Dollar Trap, Debt Weapon and Financial Dilemma in China-U.S. Relations

East Asian Financial Integration, the United States and China

China, U.S. and the EU in International Monetary and Financial System

Balanced Growth of the Global Economy and the Future of China-U.S. Relations

The U.S. and East Asia Financial Integration

China's Purchase of AmericanT reasury Securities: Source, Profit and Impact

The American Factor in China's Paticipation in International Financial System

Japan's Strategy towards East Asia Regional Order

China's Economic Influence on DPRK

The Establishment of America's Trade Policy for China

Increase and Imbalance of American Economy and Its Influence to Sino-U.S. Trade Relations,

America's FTA Strategy in East Asia and Its Infulence on Regional Order

The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds and American Hegemony

The Theoretical Analysis of Economic-Persuasion-Strategy

Bringing the Society Back In: Reshaping Ontology in International Relations

The Unequilibrium of China-U.S. Trade

The Interdependent Between China and U.S. and its Strategy Limits

Trading with the Opponent: A State-Society Analysis Framework

From Trade to Finance: America's Economic Strategy Adjustments to China

Relative Gains, Absolute Gains and the Contradiction of Political and Economic Relations Between China and America

The Development of Regional Trade Agreements in East Asia And the Effect on American Hegemony

The Developments of Trade,Interest Groups and the Conflicts among States

A Study of America's RTA Policy

Why East Asia is Security?

Domestic Factors in US Economic Sanctions on China after the Cold War