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Professor, Deputy Director of the Centre for Korean Studies, Fudan University

Research Interests: Korean Confucianism, Korean philosophy, Korean intellectual  history, comparative study of Chinese and Korean philosophies and  cultures


Address: Centre  for Korean Studies, Institute of  International Studies (IIS), Fudan  University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai, P.R. China (Postal Code: 200433)


2005.9-2009.2            SungKyun Kwan University (Korea) PhD in Korean Philosophy

2003.9-2005.8            SungKyun Kwan University MA in Confucian Philosophy

2001.3-2002.3            KimHyung Ji Normal Univ (DPRK) Exchange student

1999.9-2003.7            Shandong University (China) BA in Korean Studies

Career History

2017.12~present        Centre for Korean Studies, IIS, Fudan University  Professor

2011.4~2017.12         Centre for Korean Studies, IIS, Fudan University  Associate Professor

2009.3~2011.4           Centre for Korean Studies, IIS, Fudan University  Lecturer

2009.9~present           International Journal of Confucian Cultural Studies Overseas Editor

2007.9~present           International Confucian Cultural Forum, Korea  Research Fellow

2003.9~2006.2           BK21 Confucian Cultural Studies in East Asia, Sung Kyun Kwan University Teaching Assistant


1. Academic Papers

Xing Liju, The Explications by Confucian Scholars on Mencius’s Thesis of Four fold Roots during the Chosun Period, Social Sciences Fronts, 2006(6).

Xing Liju, The Thesis on the Nature of  Heart in the Dasam School, Confucius Studies, 2006(6).

Xing Liju, A Comment on Research Hot Spots in Contemporary Korean Cultural Studies, Philosophical Dynamics, 2007(4).

Xing Liju, A Treatise on the Features of Korean Confucianism, Chinese Philosophical History, 2007(4).

Xing Liju, The Theoretical Sources and Differences of  the Debate on the Sameness and Difference in Human Nature during the Chosun Period, CASS Journal of  Philosophy, 2008(11).

Xing Liju, An Examination of the Thesis on Difference in Human Nature by Nam-dang Han Woon Jin, inToyo Philosophical Studies,Vol. 56, published on November 28, 2008.

Xing Liju, The Contestation between “Conservatism” and “Reformism” during the Social Transition in the Late Korean Period and Early Chosun Period,Serieson Korean Studies, Vol. 20, published in March, 2009.

Xing Liju, Several Thoughts on the Buzz of  “Chinese Studies” in Contemporary China,Confucius Studies, Issue No. 16, published in May, 2009.

Xing Liju, Confucianism and Cultural Community in East Asia,Confucius Studies, Issue No. 18, published in May, 2010.

Xing Liju, Explications by Chosun Confucian Scholars on the Thesis on “Four fold Roots”, Korean National Culture, published in July, 2010.

Xing Liju, Zhu Xi’s Thesis on the Sameness and Difference between Li and Qi and the Debate on the Sameness and Difference in Human Nature in Korean Confucian History, International Journal of Confucian Cultural Studies, publishedin August, 2010.

Xing Liju, The Debate on Weifa in the Chosun Period and Its Theoretical Variations, CASS Journal of  Philosophy, 2011(1).

Xing Liju, A Chosun Scholar - Nam-dang’s Thesis on the Difference in Human Natureand Its New Developments of Zhuxi’s Theory, Social Sciences Fronts,2011(1).

Xing Liju, An Analysis of Confucian Thoughts on Ecology from the Perspective of Korean Confucianism, Dongyue Forum, 2011(3).

Xing Liju, Daoist Threads in Korean Confucianism, Journal of Yantai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2011(3).

Xing Liju, An Examination of the Debate on Weifa byWoo Yin and Nam Dang, Two Chosun Scholars, in Studies in Confucian Thoughts, Vol. 45, published in September, 2011.

Xing Liju, Wei Yin a Chosun Scholar’s Thesis on Weifa Nature and His New Explications of Zhuxi’s Theory, Chinese Philosophical History, 2011(3).

Xing Liju, The Blossom of the Zhuzi Theory in A Foreign Country, Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(4), published in December, 2011.

2. Monographs

A Comparative Study of  the Debate on the Sameness and Difference in Human and Things Nature by Nam Dang and Woo Yin, Two Chosun Scholars, Seoul: Shin-Sung Press, August, 2009.

Confucian Eco-Ethics in the Pre-Qin Period, Seoul: Shin-Sung Press, November, 2010.

3. Translated Works from Korean into Chinese

Korean Philosophy and Modern SpiritRyu Sung-kook, co-translated with Jiang Ritianand Zhang Min, Oriental PressJune, 2008.

Studies in Korean Confucianism by Choi Young-jin, Oriental PressNovember, 2008.

Research projects

1. 2009.9-2011.9 “To Examine the Eco-Crisis in Contemporary World from the Debate on the Samenessand Difference in the Nature of Human and Things in the History of Korean Confucianism”, granted by Shanghai Pujiang Scholar Project.

2. 2009.6-2010.6 “Zhuxi’s Thesis on ‘Sameness and Difference in Li and Qi’ and the Focus of  Debate between Nam Deng and Woo Yin on the Sameness and Difference in the Nature of Human and Things”,granted by Central Academy of Korean Studies.