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XU Haiyan


XU Haiyan

Professor, Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies, Fudan University

Deputy Director, Energy Research Center of Fudan University          


Xu Haiyan, Professor of the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies, Fudan University and Deputy Director of the Energy Research Center at Fudan University.


Ph.D. (Economics) , Kazakhstan Economic University, 2001

Areas of Expertise:


Quantitative Research


China-Russia Trade

China-Kazakhstan Trade

Energy Diplomacy

Energy Economics

Russian Economy

Ecological Tourism

Professional Activities:

2005 Organizer, Panel on Energy, Shanghai Forum

2006~Present Editor & Author, Yearbook of Energy. This yearbook is part of Asia Research published by Asia Research Center of Fudan University.

1998~2001, Study on Quantitative Analysis of China-Russia & China-Kazakhstan. Duringthis period, published more than ten papers on national level economic journal of Kazakhstan. Most of the papers apply Stochastic Theory to study China-Kazakhstan trade.


A: Papers/Reports:

1.  Enlightenment from Sino-Kazakhstan Foreign Trade with Regard to Sino-Russian Foreign Trade, Fudan Journal, 2003(2). Reprinted by Copy Materials of Renmin University, 2003(5);

2.  Russia’s East-Oriented Oil-GasStrategy and the Cooperation between China and Russia, Russian & Central Asian Market, 2003(12);

3.  Commentary on the abandonment of the Angarsk-Daqing Line, Global Times, 2003-11-07. It was reprinted by Yahoo website (2003-11-09 ) and People’s Daily Online (2003-11-12).

4.  Prospect on the China-Kazakhstan Trade, Market Economy Is the Crucial Element of Kazakhstan’s Development. This is the working paper of an international symposium published by Эверо press, Alma Ata, 2004;

5 . Russia's East-oriented Energy Export Strategy and Sino-Russian Oil Gas Cooperation--A Geo-economic Analysis, Fudan Journal, 2004(5);

6. Make A Breakthrough to the Caspian Sea: Cooperation of Energy between China and Kazakhstan has stimulated, Liberation Daily, 2004-07-20;

7.  Fluctuation Period Oil Price Forecasting Model--An example: Price changes of Ural crude, International Petroleum Economics, 2005(1).

8.  Fuzzy Mathematics and the Systematic Structure for World Crude Oil Price, Shanghai Forum. This is the working paper of the 2005 Shanghai Forum.

9.  Trend of Oil Price in China’s Neighboring Countries: Viewed from Changes of Genealogy’s Tree, International Review, 2005(4);

10.  Energy Security of North-Eastern Asia: Reaction and Cooperation, Asia Studies Journal of Fudan University,2007;

11.  Effect of the Evolution of the Crude Oil Pricing System on the East Asian Energy Consuming Countries. This isa research program financed by the Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies.

12. The Sudden Rise of the International Crude Oil Prices and the Evolution of the Crude Oil PricingSystem, World Economic Papers, 2008(4).

13. “Значение установлениявероятностного распределения эколоданных в изучении экологическойэкономики—международная тематика по изучению АлматинскогозаповедникаРК” (Significances of Probability Distritution in the Studies of Ecological Economics. This is a research program supported by Alma Ata nature reserve ), Экономика (Economics), 2008.

14. Оценка перспектив развитияэкологического туризма на основе построения вероятннных моделей(Evaluation ofEcological Tourism Based on Probability Model. This is a research program supported by Alma Atanature reserve), Вестникказахскогоэкономическогоуниверситета(Kazakhstan Economics University journal),2008(12).

15. Oil Transportation Capacity of Kazakhstan: Enlargement, Diversification, and Synergy, Central Asia's AFFAIRSKNCN: THE KAZAKHSTAN INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES UNDER THE PRESIDENTOF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, 2010

16.  Markov Chain and A Deduction of the Changing Trends of Oil Price, World Economic Papers,2010(3). This paper has attracted a lot of attention.

17.  An Interpretation of Obama s NewEnergy-Policy and the Choice of Road to Low-carbon Economy in China, Fudan American Review, 2010(2);

18 Probability Distribution of Flush Distance: A Case Study of Crows In the City, New Asia Forum, 2008

19.  Cooperation among North-EastAsian Countries in the Background of High Oil Price, Strategic Energy Cooperation of East Asia: Strategy and Prospect. This is the working paper ofthe 2010 international symposium in Shanghai.

20.  Evolution of World Oil Pricing System and the Strategic Oil-Gas Cooperation between China and Russia, Proceedings of the 2nd National Symposium on the Modernization of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia: History, Reality and Future, 2010-07, Heilongjiang, China;

21.  Deduction of the Oil Price Trend in Post Financial Crisis Period and the Energy Security of the North-EastAsia, Proceedings of the 2010 North-East Forum: Institutional Foundation of the Long-Term Prosperity of Asia, 2010-12, reprinted by Asia Studies (2010) published by Shanghai International Study University Press.

22. Working Paper of the COP16 Forum: Role of Market and Trade in Addressing Climate Change and Sustainable Development, 2010-12, Cancun, Mexico;

23. A Trend Deduction Model of Fluctuating Oil Prices. This paper was published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) of USA and has been one of the Top-10 Downloaded Paper of the network for 4 months.

B: Book:


Research Programs:

1. Russian East-Oriented Oil-Gas Strategy and Prospect of the Cooperation between China and Russia. Supported by Humanities & Social Science Program of Ministry of Education of China (2002). The program has been finished.

2. Russian Energy Strategy and the Prospect of the Oil-Gas Resources of Russian Eastern Siberia and Far East. Sponsored by Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education of China (2002). The programhas been finished.

3. Participated in the research program, China’s New Strategy of Bonded Area: Target and Path towards Free Trade Area, carried out by Fduan University. The program is part of National Social Science Program of China(2003).

4. 2003~2004, Participated in the study on world crude oil pricing system by the China National Petroleum Corporation. Mostly focused on the quantitative analysis section.

5. Russia's East-oriented Energy Export Strategy and Sino-Russian Oil Gas Cooperation--A Geo-economic Analysis. This program is supported by Center of Asia Studies of Fudan University (2005);

6. China’s Oil-Gas Resources: Oil-Gas Cooperation between China and Russia. This Program is financed by the Gold Seeding Project of Fudan University (2005);

7. Energy Cooperation between China and other SCO Members. This program is part of the 2005 Shanghai Forum.

8. Evolution of International Crude Oil Pricing System and the Surge of Russian Ural Oil Price. This Program is financed by 2006 Shanghai Forum Project.

9. Ecological Tourism and the Protection of the Original Ecology of the Birds in Nature Reserves: A Study on Talgar Nature Reserve of Kazakhstan. This is ainternational program of the National Institute of Geography of Kazakhstan;

10. Russian Social and Economic Developing Strategy in Financial Crisis and Its Enlightenments to Shanghai. This is part of the Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission’s program Studyon the Industry Upgrade Policy of Newly Emerging States & Regions in Financial Crisis.