Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies (2022-2024)

XU Jingbo


 XU Jingbo (Retired)  

 Professor, Center for Japanese Studies, Fudan University

    Research Interests: China-Japan cultural relations, Comparative study of Chinese and Japanese culture

Educational Background and Working Experience:

  • July 1983, Bachelor of Arts, Japanese Language and Literature, Department of Foreign Languages, Beijing Language and Culture University.

  • July 1987, Master of Arts, Postgraduate Course in Contemporary Chinese Literature, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University.

  • July 1988 - February 1992, Assistant Professor, Institute of  Taiwan and Hong Kong Culture, Fudan University.

  • March 1992- March 1993,Visiting Scholar, Waseda University.

  • March 1993 to present, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, Center for Japanese Studies, FudanUniversity; Visiting Professor at Nagano University, Ehime University, Yamaguchi University, and Kobe University.


  • The East Wind  from the West: Chinese Culture in Japan, 2004;

  • Japanese Cuisine Culture: History and Now, 2009;

  • Modern Japanese Intellectuals and Shanghai, 1923-1946, 2013;

  • 8 edited books,7 translated books and over 50 papers.