Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

ZHENG Jiyong


Zheng Jiyong

Professor, Ph. D., Fudan University 

Director, Center for Korean Studies, Fudan University 

Research Interests: Politics and Diplomacy of Korean Peninsula, International Relations in East Asia, Party Politics of South Korea, Power Structure of North Korea


Zheng Jiyong was born in Suixian, Henan Province. He currently serves as Professor and Director at Center for Korean Studies, Fudan University and professor at the Center for Collaborative Innovation on Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights, China. He got his Doctoral Degree at Fudan University, and had post-doctoral experiences at IFES, Kyungnam University, ROK, and KimIlSung University, DPRK. His research focuses on domestic politics in the two Koreas and bilateral and multilateral relations related to the Korean peninsula. He is the author and coauthor of more than forty scholarly articles and author or editor of five books, including ROK's Political Party Systems 2008, and ROK's Congress Politics 2017, and The “Conflict-Reconciliation” Cycle on the Korean Peninsula: A Chinese Perspective 2012, and Road Map to a Korean Peninsula Peace Regime: A Chinese Perspective 2015. He can be reached at

Books(Monograph and Translation )

The Party System of South Korea

New Research on Korean Independence Movement: to Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Creation of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea


The "Conflict-Reconciliation" Cycle on the Korean Peninsula: A Chinese Perspective

Chinese Perspective on Regional Implications of the NPT,Develop A Region: Sketching A Path Towards Harmony

Chinese and South Korean Youngsters’ Expectation to the Unity of Korean Peninsula and Cognition on Sino-Korea Relations

A Study on the Political Fans Clubs in Korea

Review of Korea-Africa Relations

Analysis the North Korea Nuclear Issue and Development under the New Situation

The Feature and Translation of the Children's comic literary works of South Korea

A Study on the Social Background of the Members

of Parliament in South Korea

Military alliance could not bear the fruit of peace

Analysis on the Involvement of Protestantism in Politics of South Korea and Its Characteristics

The Major Measures and Features of Army Building in South Korea

Small Nation’s Asymmetric Deterrence And Coercive Strategy: An International Politics analysis on the North Korean Nuclear Crisis


An Analysis on China’s Gain and Loss in the Process of the Unification of the Korean Peninsular

The North East Asian Factors in the World Expositions

South Korea’s Electoral Politics and China’s Political Lobby in South Korea

The DPRK-US relations and the Prospect of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

A Study of South Korea’s and North Korea’s Maritime Security Strategy and China’s Countermeasure

China’s Vision on the East Asian Community: Contents and Expectations