Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

Qiang Xin,“Anti‐interference: redoubled focus of Chinese mainland’s Taiwan policy”


Xin Qiang, “Anti-Interference: Redoubled Focus of Chinese Mainland’s Taiwan Policy,” China International Strategy Review, 2023, No.1, pp.1–13.


International interference in cross-Taiwan Strait relations has accelerated in recent years. This article examines the intensifying, high-level, official interactions in which the US and some of its allies have worked with the Taiwan authorities to hol- low out the one-China principle. This article also explores the escalating US–Tai- wan military cooperation and the expanding security involvement of some states, which have disregarded Beijing’s heavy opposition and repeated warnings. Finally, this article explains the driving forces behind the internationalization trajectory involving the Taiwan issue and argues that the ever-increasing foreign intervention and involvement, combined with Taipei’s consistent endeavor to “pursue independ- ence by reliance on foreign interference,” has put China on full alert. The interna- tionalization momentum concerning the Taiwan issue has thus resulted in China redoubling the anti-interference focus of its Taiwan policy.

Keywords Anti-interference · US–China competition · Cross-Taiwan Strait relations · Internationalization momentum