Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

WU Xinbo


WU Xinbo

Professor, Ph.D., Fudan University

Dean, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University

Director, Center for American Studies, Fudan University

Research Interests: China's Foreign and Security Policy; Sino-U.S. Relations; Asia Pacific Politics and Security


Tel: 021-65642585; Fax: 021-65119567

Dr. WU is Professor and Dean, Institute of International Studies, and Director at the Center for American Studies, Fudan University.  He teaches and researches China’s foreign and security policy, Sino-U.S. relations, and U.S. Asia-Pacific policy.  Prof. Wu is the author of Dollar Diplomacy and Major Powers in China, 1909-1913 (Fudan University Press, 1997), Turbulent Water: US Asia-Pacific Security Strategy in the post-Cold War Era (Fudan University Press, 2006), Managing Crisis and Sustaining Peace between China and the United States (United States Institute of Peace, 2008), The New Landscape in Sino-U.S. Relations in the early 21st Century (Fudan University Press, 2011), and co-authored Asia-Pacific Regional Order in Transformation (Current Affairs Press, 2013), China and the Asia-Pacific Chess Game (Fudan University Press, 2017). His work has also appeared in English language journals such as International Affairs, The Washington Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Asian Survey as well as Chinese language journals published in China. He also contributed chapters to book volumes published by Stanford University Press, Columbia University Press, Oxford University Press, etc.

Dr. WU serves on the policy advisory board of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is on the editorial board of The Washington QuarterlyEuropean Journal of International Security and on the International Advisory Board of International Affairs. He was a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk and served as its Vice-Chair (2012-13) and Chair (2013-14), and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Geo-economics(2015-2016). He is currently a member on the Advisory Council of Asia Society Policy Institute, as well as a member of The Trilateral Commission. 

Dr. WU entered Fudan University in 1982 as an undergraduate student and received his B.A. in history in 1986.  In 1992, he got his Ph. D. in international relations from Fudan University.  In the same year, he joined the Center for American Studies, Fudan University.  In 1994, he spent one year at the George Washington University as a visiting scholar.  In the fall of 1997, he was a visiting fellow at the Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University and the Henry Stimson Center in Washington DC. From January to August, 2000, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution.  From September 2006 to July 2007, he was a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace.  


America's Asia-Pacific Layout and Our Corresponding Strategy

China, America and the Changing Asia-Pacific Order

The New Tendencies and New Situations of  Sino-US Relationship after the Cold War

The Tendency of Sino-American Relationship

American Asia-pacific Security Strategy in the Post-Cold War era

BooksMonograph and Translation

 Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2020

       Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2019

       Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2018 

       Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2017

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    China and the Asia-Pacific Chess Game

       Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2015   

       Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2014   

Strategic Report on Sino-U.S. Relations in 2013

The Asia-Pacific Order in Transition

New Landscape in Sino-U.S. Relations in the Early 21st Century

Turbulent Water: U.S. Asia-Pacific Security Strategy in the Post-Cold War Era

From Normalization to Renormalization: 20 Years of Sino-U.S.  Relations

Dollar Diplomacy and Major Powers in China

Chiang Kai-Shek's American Advisor - Owen Lattimore China Memoirs


        The China Challenge: Competitor or Order Transformer?

        On Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition

        Reconstructing China-U.S. Ties: Trump Administration’s Ambitions and Constraints

     Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition and Asia-Pacific Security   

        Competition-Oriented U.S. Policy toward China and Transformation of China-U.S. Relations   

        Paradigm Shifts in the Study of Sino-U.S. Relations in the Post-Cold War Era and Its Implications: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Sino-U.S. Diplomatic Normalization   

        Sino-U.S. Interactions in the Asia-Pacific and Construction of A Regional Community  

     China in search of a liberal partnership international order

  New Phase of the Trump Administration and U.S. Policy on China

  Constructive Engagement: China's Handling of Trump

  On the Major Transformation of the Asia-Pacific Regional Structure   

  Cooperation, competition and shaping the outlook: the United States and China’s neighbourhood diplomacy   

  Features and Trends of China-U.S. Relations in the New Normal Period   

  America's Rebalancing toward Aisa and the Construction of New Model of Sino-US Major-Country  

  On the New Normal of Sino-US Relationship   

Building a New Model of China-U.S. Relationship: Assessment and Proposal

The Developmental Model American Proud of Faces Challenge

Agenda for a New Great Power Relationship

The Obama Administration and Asia-Pacific Order

The Interestsand Strategics of China and U.S. in Asia-Pacific Region

U.S. Asia-Pacific Strategy

Constructing Peace-Oriented Power in Chinese Diplomacy

Beijing's Wish List: A Wiser China Policy in President Obama's Second Term

Chinese Vision of the Future of China-U.S. Relations

The Spillover Effect of the ASEAN-Plus-Three Process on East Asian Security

Forging China–U.S. Partnership in the Twenty-First Century: Opportunities and Challenges

Barack Obama's Asia-Pacific Strategy

The Importance of  Facilitating Sound China-U.S. Interactions in the Asia-Pacific Region

Building Closer Ties: Economic Regionalism's Impact on Security

China and the United States: Core Interests, Common Interests, and Partnership

Understanding the Geopolitical Implications of the Global Financial Crisis

China’s International Orientation in the Fast- Changing International Situation

A New Landscapein China-U.S. Relations--In Commemoration of the 30'th Anniversary of The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and the United States

Reinternationalization of the China-U.S. Relations

Facilitating China's Rise as a Responsible Stake holder through Constructive Interactions

America's Response to China's Rising Influence in Asia

Chinese Perspectives on Building an East Asian Community in the Twenty-first Century

A New Landscapein China-U.S. Relations--In Commemoration of the 30'th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and the United States

A Forward-Looking Partner in a Changing East Asia

America's Influence to Taiwan Affairs: the Current Situation and Tendency

Managing Crisisand Sustaining Peace between China and the United States

An Analysis of the Core concepts of the Bush Administrations

Understanding China and U.S. Crisis Behavior

The United States and the Integration of East Asia

How to Deal with Taiwan's political status issue?

The New Landscape in Sino-U.S. Economic and Trade Relations and Impact on BilateralTies

The Taiwan Issue: New Pattern of Interactions between China and the United States

The Orientation of American Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

The End of the Silver Lining: A Chinese View of the U.S.-Japanese Alliance

The Orientation of American Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

The Promise and Limitations of a Sino-U.S. Partnership

Response and Adjustment: Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1996 and US Policy Concerning Taiwan,

Japan and TMD of Northeast Asia

A Study of Clinton Administration's Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

The Bush Administration's Taiwan Policy in the Context of U.S. Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

The Bush Administration's Taiwan Policy in the Context of U.S. Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

Changes in U. S. Asian Security Strategy in the Early Post2 Cold War Years

A Study of Clinton Administration's Asia-Pacific Security Strategy

Four Contradictions Constraining China's Foreign Policy Behavior

To be an Enlightened Superpower

The Choice of the Northeast Asia: Geopolitics and Geo-economics

Perils of a Pax Americana

America's Security Policy toward AsiaEnlightenment of China-U.S. Relations

Comment on the Common Views of  Both China and the USA on the Taiwan Issue

New Pattern in U.S. Asia-Pacific Security Strategy at the Turn of the Century

Seeking Balanced Developments of the Triangular Relations among China, Japan and the USA

On the Adjustment of  U.S. Policy toward China

China as a Cooperative Power

Meeting the Second Leap of International Relations Studies

On Clinton's China Policy

America's China Policy Are in the Crossroad

South Korea's Security Policy after Cold War

China: Building Peace on Its Periphery

Changing Roles: China and the United States in East Asian Security

On the Changing Structure of Asian-Pacific Politics and Security

East Asian Cooperative Security: Present and Future

Japan Coveted Permanent Seat

Seattle Meetingand China-U.S. Relations

Changing Sino-U.S. Relations

Willard Straightand U.S. Dollar Diplomacy to China (2)

Willard Straightand U.S. Dollar Diplomacy to China (1)

Policy Papers

Study of America's Political Influence upon the Taiwan Island

Dual Tactics of Restraining the United Stated by Taiwan and Restraining Taiwan by the United States


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