Zheng Jiyong et al., "Restructuring the World Order: China's Perspective"
  发布时间: 2022-07-19   访问次数: 18

Jiyong Zheng, Hao Xue, Xingxing Wang(Corresponding Author), Restructuring the World Order: China's Perspective, The Korean Journal of Security Affairs, 2022, vol.27, no.1, pp. 8-25. 

Abstract: China-U.S. relations have entered a downward spiral. The structural conflict between China and the United States is related to how the two countries view the new world order in the future. This article tries to explore the roots and essence of the United States' perception of China, discuss how China views the future world order, and analyze the risks of U.S. behavior toward China and China's propositions and claims for the future world order.

Keywords: China-U.S. Relations, World Order, Perception