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Wu Xinbo," Donald Trump's Impact on Sino- U.S. Relations and Lessons for U.S. China Policy"


Wu Xinbo, "Donald Trump's Impact on Sino- U.S. Relations and Lessons for U.S. China Policy,"

Fudan Journal (Social Sciences Edition) , No.5, 2021

【Abstract】During Donald Trump's presidency his China policy evolved through three stages transactional diplomacy in 2017 strategic competition during the period of 2018 -2019 and strategic confrontation in 2020. The year of 2020 witnessed the fiercest conflicts between China and the United States since normalization in 1979 and bilateral ties was seriously damaged and nosedived to its nadir. Against the backdrop of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the U.S. presidential campaign, the China hawks within the Trump administration took control of its China policy causing serious conflicts with China and challenging China's core national interests leading Sino-US relations to spiral down. As the U.S. moved from strategic competition toward strategic confrontation with China. China aimed at preserving its national interests adjusted its tactics by launching resolute counterattack against the U.S. This year saw some new features emerging in U.S. China policy and Sino-U.S. interactions. Although Trump has left the White House he casted a long shadow over U.S. China policy.  Indeed all what Trump did on relations with China during his presidency has left profound lessons for U.S. policy elites to learn from.

【Keywords】Donald Trump, China Policy , Sino-U.S. Relations, Impact, Lessons

【Author】Professor Wu Xinbo, Director of the Center for American Studies and Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University