Founded under the instruction of the Premier Zhou Enlai in February 1964, the Research Office for Latin American Studies at Fudan University (hereinafter the Office) was one of the earliest-established institutions in China focusing specially on Latin American studies. Originally,  it was set up in the Department of History at Fudan University with Professor Cheng Bohong as its Founding Director. There were nearly 30 researchers and teachers working for the office at the peak time.

In November 2000, the office was incorporated into the Institute of International Studies of Fudan University.

In the past half century, researchers at the office have published numerous books like The Economy of Latin America, The History of Mexico, The History of Brazil. Meanwhile, the office published two academic journals named A Review of Translation of Latin American Issues and Datas of Latin American Studies. The achievements mentioned above have made important influence in academic circle of Latin American studies domestically.

The office often held and participated in academic activities. For example, from November 26 to 27, 2014, for commemorating the 40th anniversary of its birthday, the office held a seminar on the theme of Latin America and Sino-Latin American Relations under the New Vision. Experts and professionals from the Institute of Latin American Studies, China Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Nankai University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Fudan University attended the meeting. From July 27 to 28, the office and the Institute of Latin American Studies, China Academy of Social Sciences jointly held a symposium on The Relations between North and South under the Globalization Era: Cooperation and Confrontation between the US and Latin American. More than 20 experts from China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Institute of International Studies, Shanghai Association of International Relations, Shanghai International Studies University and Jianghan University joined the discussion.

The office has its own library, which collected 3000 books in foreign language, 1000 Chinese books, more than 50 foreign original journals and 30 kinds of Chinese journals on economy, politics and culture of Latin American. The library compiled newspaper clippings on Reference Materials. The books at the office will be open to the readers nationwide after making a catalogue.  

Currently, there is one researcher in the Office (Associate Professor Cao Ting).

In the future, with the help of the discipline advantage of politics, economics and foreign language and literature at Fudan University, the office will mainly focus on the areas study, talent training and discipline building by combining with the overall development plan of Institute of International Studies of Fudan University so as to make contributions to the decision making.  

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