Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns and the U.S. Delegation’s visit to the Center for American Studies at Fudan University


    April 26, 2023, Nicholas Burns, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and James Heller, Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, visited the Center for American Studies at Fudan University (CAS Fudan). Professor Wu Xinbo, Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University (IIS Fudan) and Director of the CAS Fudan, Professor Song Guoyou, Deputy Director of the CAS Fudan, and other faculty representatives and more than 20 student representatives met with Ambassador Burns and the U.S. delegation.

    At Ambassador Burns’ arrival, Prof. Wu Xinbo introduced the research achievements and China-U.S. exchange programs of the CAS Fudan. 

   The CAS Fudan held a dialogue with the U.S. delegation. Prof. Wu Xinbo delivered a welcome speech to Ambassador Burns and the U.S. delegation. In his speech, Wu Xinbo pointed out that China-U.S. relation was at its current lows, but maintaining humanistic and academic exchanges and dialogues between the two countries is still an important way to ease the tension and enhance mutual understanding.

     Ambassador Burns delivered an opening remark at the dialogue, in which he expressed his excitement to visit the CAS Fudan and his willingness to exchange with students and faculties at the CAS Fudan. He pointed out that despite the U.S.-China competition, both countries still needed to cooperate on a variety of issues, including climate change and global public health. This consensus was reached between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping at their meeting in Bali last November, which shed light on the future development of U.S.-China relations.

    During the dialogue, faculties and students at the CAS Fudan exchanged with Ambassador Burns on China-U.S. humanities exchanges, China-U.S. economic and trade relations, U.S. policy toward China’s Taiwan region, and the U.S. policy towards Tik Tok.  

      At the end of the dialogue, Ambassador Burns shook hands with every student representative and said goodbye.