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ZHANG Jiadong


   ZHANG Jiadong

Professor, Ph.D., Fudan University

Research Interests: Terrorism, International Security


Mr. Zhang Jiadong, born in Huoqiu County, Anhui Province in Sept. 1977. In July 1993, he graduated from Huoqiu Normal School, Anhui province, and has been a teacher in primary school and middle school from July 1993 to July 1999. December 1996, he got his first academic degree studying by his self working on Chinese languageand literature. From August 1999 to July 2001, he studied in Center for International Relationship Studies, Yunnan University, got M.D degree on International Relationship Studies. He studied in School of International Relationship and Public Affairs, Fudan University from September 2001 to June 2004 and got a Ph.D on international Relationship Studies for his studies on terrorism affairs. From July 2004, he has beginning his new work in Center for American Studies, Fudan University, mainly working on terrorism affairs, anti-terrorism, and American anti-terrorism policy. Professor Zhang is also director of the Center for South Asian Studies, Fudan University.

During working and studying, he has published few papers, includes: “National separatism and its impacts” (Shanghai: International Survey, No.1 2002), “A Conceptual Analysis of Terrorism” (Beijing: World Economics and International Politics, No.3, 2003), “Terrorism in the context of terrifying Language” (Beijing: World Economics and International Politics, No.12, 2003), “From Coercive diplomacy to ‘preemptive strategy’” (Shanghai: International Survey No.6, 2003), “An Analysis of Jews terrorism” (Beijing: Pacific Journal No.2, 2004), “Neo-Conservatism and its impacts on U.S foreign policy” (in Ren Xiao, ShenDingli (eds.) Conservatism and U.S. Foreign Policy, Shanghai Sanlian Shudian, 2003), “International terrorism and International Cooperation against terrorism”(more that 40,000 words in Chinese Characters, in Yang Jiemian(ed), International cooperation on combating terrorism: thinking beyond geopolitics, Beijing: Shishi Chubanshe, 2003), “Global Governance and International Organizations”(in Zhang Guihong(ed.), International Organizations and International Relations, Hangzhou: Zhejiang Daxue Chubanshe, 2004). Moreover, he has written few personage biographies, and often writes articles about international hot problems for many news papers and magazines, mainly in Shanghai. Such as Oriental Morning Post, Jiefang Daily, Oriental Outlook, Xinmin Weekly, and so on.

During studying for master and doctoral degree, he has acquired rewards three times:

2000.12     “Three goods” student, Yunnan University.

2002.11     Taiwan Alumni Scholarship for International Studies, Fudan University

2003.10     Xie Xide Scholarship, Fudan University

He also participates in many public activities actively, and once was Core member of “Interactive Lecturer Group Composed by Doctoral Students”, made some lectures about terrorism issue within and outside Fudan University. His personal interests are very extensive, from Basketball, Chinese Chess, Music, to Traveling.

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