Key Cooperative Research Institute for Policy Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P.R.C (2022-2024)

Yucheng Study Group (Ph.D. Candidates Workshop on International Studies)


Yucheng Study Group is a self-promotion program of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University (IIS Fudan), where Ph.D. candidates can exchange learning experiences in academic research. To provide better education for Ph.D. candidates, the first Yucheng Study Group was hosted on 26th September 2018, hence the routine of holding study groups regularly. The study group provides Ph.D. supervisors, young researchers and doctoral students with various opportunities to exchange perspectives, including workshops, lectures, research projects, round table seminars, etc.

The two characters, yǔ chéng(“fully fledged”), are borrowed from “See off Li Rongqi to Beidu”(《送李容甫归北都》(释斯植)), a Song Dynasty poem, of which the line goes: “羽成不须求日浴,一举将惊万人目,” expressing the great expectations of Ph.D. candidates in their pursuits of study.

With the joint support of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University and the Graduate School of Fudan University, IIS Fudan has hosted the Yucheng Study Group 11 times:

1. Academic Advancement for Doctoral Student: Academic Publishing And Research Design(26 September 2018)

2. How to Apply for Overseas Training Program? (17 October 2018)

3. How to publish in SSCI Journal? (31 October 2018)

4. Learning Your Dissertation Writing from Rand’s Report

5. Approaching Procedures of Course Work Writing (26 March 2019)

6. Topic Selections and Compositions of Academic Papers (29 April 2019)

7. Original Concerns, New Perspectives: Innovation in Scholarly Theses (28 May 2019)

8. The Integration of Theory and fact: Constructing the Interpretation Logic of Essays(18 June 2019)

9. Delving into the U.S. Strategic Security Behavioral Patterns (25 October 2019)

10. Authoring Doctoral Dissertation Proposals(19 November 2019)

11. Approaching Procedures of Course Work Writing (24 December 2019)

Yucheng Study Group accepts suggestions and comments. (Lin Minwang,