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Jian Junbo,“Neo-colonialism or De-colonialism---China economic engagement in Africa and the implications for world order”


Jian Junbo, "Neo-colonialism or De-colonialism? China’s economic engagement in Africa and the implications for world order,"

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations,

Vol. 8(7), pp.185-201, October 2014, ISSN 1996-0832.

AbstractInrecent two decades, China’s economic involvement in Africa was accused of colonialist actions by many Western observers. However, most of these accusations have no basis. In this article, after comprehensively exploring China’s trading and investing relations with Africa based on data and casestudies, it argues that China’s engagement in Africa in recent decades has nothing to do with neocolonialism. On the contrary, China’s engagement not simply facilitates Africa’s independency from the West and also promotes afledging new world order in Africa based on win-win and equal sovereignty. Dueto the emergence of new order, the South-South cooperation is increasingly expectable.

KeywordsChinain Africa, De-colonialism, African independence, the West, New World Order.